Games: Last of Us, DMC, Tomb Raider

Possible spoilers of Last of Us, DMC: Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider!

Last of Us

The Last of Us is a survival-horror game where a virus outbreak has turned many people into zombies where a fungus type thing grows on them and they react mainly to sound and the zombies are known primarily as ‘clickers’. You are Joel, a hardened survivor who has loved and lost and it is now his responsibility to escort 14 year old Ellie to the location of the Fireflies, a group that developed as a result of the outbreak.

The story had me from the start. I was fairly interested to see what they had in store for the character of Ellie. Ellie was portrayed very well. She was quite a badass type character. You could tell she had already been through a lot and she wasn’t going to take much from the world without giving back. She has great character development moments throughout the game that just make you feel for her.

The gameplay took a lot of getting used to especially since I couldn’t customize my preferred controls although once used to the controls it was a seamless play for the most part. For example reload was R1 and generally it would be square. That sort of thing takes some getting used to when you can’t put it back to what you are used to as the standard.

The way the two characters worked together was great, it felt similar to what part I have played of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons(yeah still yet to jump into that game completely). For example, Ellie can’t swim so Joel has to find a raft for her and Joel is a grown adult so Ellie takes care of the small spaces or lower gaps that only she could get under.

The ending was interesting and said a lot about the character of Joel but it was satisfying and leaves you wanting a sequel which is a good sign for a game. Last of Us is a good game and if anything I do recommend playing it for the story and getting to know the characters.

DMC: Devil May Cry

DMC is a game about Dante, a half Angel half Demon being who gets teamed up with this group purposed to stop the evil demon Mundus. The game revolves around our world and also the demon world which is called Limbo. It’s a good story and it’s interesting how Dante is just trying to be his own guy when everyone keeps bringing up family history.

The gameplay was great. It was a standard hack and slash type game with a good variety of weapons from blades to guns and the customise screen where you can activate different combos works well that can be used throughout the game. It is the kind of game where you need to be able to chain combo after combo and figure out the best way to do that in some spots.

There were some enemies I am not afraid to say were just designed to anger the player. To name specifically I’d say the Dreamrunner which is basically this ninja type character that can block almost anything you come at it with. There were other enemies like the Witch who were fine by themselves but teamed up with a different enemy the two enemies just worked so well together that you needed to come up with the best plan of attack.

I did feel like the final battle with Mundus and even the battle that took place after that were fairly easy. This is compared to the bosses strewn throughout the game where each boss in the game took me at least a few goes to beat, both final bosses were one go each and just felt like they lacked a certain punch to them.

The game is great fun especially if you like slightly more complicated gameplay and a good hack and slasher.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is set on a deserted island where Lara Croft and her team get stranded after a boat accident and the game revolves around Lara fighting her and her team’s way off the island. The game also served as a reboot/origin for the character of Lara Croft.

The story itself was interesting, Lara spends her time investigating effectively this religious cult that has situated upon the island worshipping a goddess that Lara begins to believe is keeping her and her friends there.

Graphically the game looks amazing, you can tell the developers went all out and tried to make the best looking game possible. The game feels real and just pulls you in from the start.

The combat was great and I think if I were to describe it it would be somewhere around Spec Ops meets Last of Us. Just that sort of 3rd person shooter combat. This game made good use of the environment where for example you could shoot a barrel and it would explode over some bad guys, nothing we haven’t already seen in a game like Doom but it’s a nice touch nevertheless.

The weapons set seems pretty standard, guns, axe, bow and arrow, but there are great customisations to be made at the camp sites around the game once you have enough points. Eventually you wind up with a compound bow shooting napalm arrows. The bow and arrow is surely the one you will use the most as it’s just too much fun getting head shots with it.

The game also utilises classic Assassin’s Creed parkour style platforming. I think this is one of the reasons I liked the game so much. At one point Lara is climbing a radio tour and I could have sworn it was an eagle-view point. Where’s that bale of hay?

The game occasionally has these environmental based puzzles where you have to use ropes or water or wind to get Lara onto a platform. The puzzles don’t spell it out for the player but at the same time they are not as complicated as they could have been.

Quite possibly my favourite game of last year, Tomb Raider is a great experience and shows us a younger Lara that just felt so real. It was a great experience that I recommend anyone play. I played it on PS3 and I know I can’t wait to try the PS4 version.

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