Deep Breath

Doctor Who is back for an 8th season, this time with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and returning star Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald.

For a first episode of a new Doctor and for an episode that I waited a year for anticipation was high.

Capaldi had a good start to his run as The Doctor, there was a lot of talk that Capaldi would be a more serious or darker Doctor so I didn’t expect there to be as much humour as there was, but it fits. It works. We also had other characters known for their humour, most notably Strax, who had a great moment of knocking Clara down with the toss of a newspaper.

I wasn’t sure h0w the trio of Jenny, Strax and Vastra would go alongside a new Doctor but it works. Vastra and Jenny worked really well talking to Clara in the Snowmen episode as sort of a window to the Doctor and I think in this episode it helped to have the familiar faces aid the transition.

I think where the episode struggled was the writing. Once we got into the meat of the story of the episode it started to lose me. It felt like what a number of the series 7 episodes felt like, specifically I was thinking of ‘A Town Called Mercy’ and ‘The Crimson Horror’ while watching this episode. Mainly because of the android man and the team up with the trio(do they have a group name?) The episode was good it just missed that “heck yeah” factor I so like to have with Doctor Who, especially with a Doctor’s first episode.

I might have¬†felt better about the episode had we actually found out what kind of Doctor he is. But we don’t know if The Doctor pushed the android man off the ship or if the Android man jumped and there is that sense of uncertainty that I’m not a huge fan of. But I’m sure we will find out more about our new Doctor in time.

In the end I wasn’t heaps on board with the first episode but there is more to come, with better stories I hope, and with Daleks nevertheless.